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This is where i do my business
OH GOOD! Let's watch, and see!
27th-Apr-2019 02:51 am - Shit to Do
I have a Spoken Word interview with a friend tomorrow and I am having some anxiety about it.

Made a set-list; can;t find the poems for that list

11th-Nov-2017 04:15 am(no subject)

I have never missed Her more than now that I know how unreachable She is.

8th-Jul-2017 01:24 am - ok, so
I very much hope i talked a friend out of suicide tonight.
9th-Oct-2016 05:11 am - Oh
F*ck Me!
4th-Oct-2012 01:59 am - moving. permanently.

thanks for viewing and I appreciate it, honestly
Let's take inventory (by "Let's" I mean me):

haven't had a car in almost 7 years; bought a DOPE ride... got stolen...
with both of my cameras in it
thinking about changing my Bachelor's focus... at 32
running through my savings like it was going out of style
broken ass relationship which I have little to no interest in, and I'm engaged
about 50lbs overweight


running one of the very best shows in the southeast of America
about to re-acquire a 35mm film camera, possibly might acquire, like, 4 cameras with accessories
somehow still feel great about my life, considering my problems are, at best, minimal in the grand scale of fucking everything

so, in summation:

i'm still breathing, and happy
I'm still motivated, albeit considerably less than otherwise, and happy
5th-Feb-2012 01:18 am - what the fuck?
so what am I supposed to fucking do here?
22nd-Jan-2012 03:19 am(no subject)
done an done

further postings to come
22nd-Mar-2011 03:53 pm - Lucking fazy

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21st-Mar-2011 12:46 am - I've been away for a bit
I miss you LJ. I will be back regularly

I promise

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